fasting from TV

Kristy and I have decide that, while waiting on God to provide a job/jobs for me, we aren't going to watch TV at all. It's been pretty tough not being caught up on the culture of today, but some really good things have emerged.

More time talking. The sheer absence of another voice (TV) talking all the time really opens up the lines of communication- if anything, just to fill the silence. We're finding that we really do have a lot to talk about.

More time playing. Jed is getting bigger and badder and needs us more and more to teach him, play with him, talk with him. It's been great.

Rest. Kristy is taking more naps (she really needs to rest, pregnant + 80 degrees + south LA humidity = tired) and so that makes her better to handle the whole day.

More prayer. Without TV, life is a little less clutterred, and the silence is a great opportunity to hear the Father in whatever He might have to say.

I would recommend fasting from TV to anyone looking for a little change in their life. Either that or move back to your home town to start a church, both will suffice.


Brandon said...

There is NO way I will give up my TV. I guess I will just move back to my home town and plant a church! :)

Seriously, i'm glad to hear that you are continually seeking God. Knowing how much you love Sports Center, this is a huge move. Keep up the amazing work and as always, I'm here for you.


shauna said...

I agree Drew.

At heart, I'm quite anti-tv, but lately I've been sucked back in. EVIL, EVIL, EVIL!!!
I do have a weakness for movies however. I guess that sorta fits into the same category. I do think that we need to live life more, or rest, or take in silence, rather than be glued to the tube.

Dallas said...

As an interesting coinkydink, next week is TV Turnoff Week.