the latest

To catch everyone up on what's going on with the Caperton family, we've moved into Kristy's parents' home and tonight we're going to clean the whole thing out. We have intentions of steam cleaning the carpets tomorrow and I hope we can. Gotta get that $400 deposit back.

Anyway, Kristy is doing well in her second trimenster of pregnancy. She just starting to show, so it's weird to see her in maternity clothes for the first time in a while. She at that weird phase where she's pregnant enough for her shirts to not stay down below her belt, but not so much that a maternity shirt is needed. She also beginning to get that pregnant "glow," and I don't know how God does that, but it so cool. She could be yelling at me, but I'm in a trance because of those pheromones.

Jed is adjusting well to the new surroundings. I wonder sometimes if he even knows what's going on, but I have a hunch that he realizes more than I think. He's walking, speaking gibberish, and laughing A LOT. He's a very happy boy.

My dad just came down to see Jed for his first birthday (we'll have pics up soon, Dad) and he ate cake for the first time. The yellow icing all over was just the best, it even got up in his hair... people were just walking by and laughing out loud. First birthdays are the best!

I also had an extremely horrible day this past Saturday and I believe it probably was a spiritual attack. I've been feeling that all the more lately...